Friday, February 27, 2009

You need to use Remote Access!

I think remote access is GREAT! I installed Logmein (the free version) on the computer in my office. When I was on a ski trip and needed something, I could log into my computer to access it. As long as the computer is turned on, I could access anything on it as if I were sitting right in front of it! So, if you want to access QuickBooks from home (or Outlook or anything), just leave the computer turned on and you can get to it.

In my business, I use remote access to work with clients nationwide. I help them with trouble shooting QuickBooks, setting it up or training clients on the proper way to enter transactions. I usually use WebEx (from within QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition) and have meetings with the client. I'll send them an email invite, they click on a link to download the application and grant me access to their QuickBooks. Since I'm using their QuickBooks, I don't need to worry about whether I have the same year of QuickBooks or not. When our remote session is over, I no longer have access to their system. It works great!

Once, I had a client who really wanted a training session (she was going to have a baby REAL soon and need to get some things done), but I was on vacation. I needed a break from the beach and sun, so I went in to the condo, logged into her computer remotely and was able to have a consultation with her. She was thrilled and I was glad that I could help her! Remote access makes it possible to serve clients from anywhere you have an internet connection!

If a client is using QuickBooks for Mac, then I have them install Logmein Free and use my name as the password so that I can log in via their account. Then, when we're finished with our session, I have them change the password back so I no longer have access--this protects me and reassures the client.

In addition to Logmein, you could use PCAnywhere, GotomyPC or a number of other remote access services. But, I encourage you to try remote access--it can make you much more productive and efficient. If you have access to 2 computers, have a 'remote' session with yourself so you can see how it works and feel more comfortable using it. Once you get used to it--you'll wonder how you lived without it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Accountant's Copy improved in QuickBooks 2009

There have been a lot of improvements in the Accountant's Copy over the past few years. New for 2009, if there are a few 'bad' transactions, the other 'good' transactions will still be imported. In prior versions, if there were bad transactions the entire import would fail. Now, we can feel more comfortable using the Accountant's Copy to work with our clients.

The Accountant's Copy allows the clients to continue working in the data file for the current year (after the dividing date) while we (the accountant) can work on the data file for the prior year (before the dividing date). Then, we can export our changes to a file for the client to import our changes. With a backup or portable file, the client cannot work in the data file while we have it our they will lose their work.

So, if you haven't used the Accountant's Copy in the past, this is a great year to start using it! Don't forget that you need QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition to work with an accountant's copy.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kauffman Foundation Launches National Entrepreneurship Training to Kick Start Job Creation in the Face of Growing Layoffs

I'm thrilled to be a Coach for the FastTrac NewVenture Program at the Kauffman Foundation. They just announced a $1 million initiative to offer FastTrac LaunchPad entrepreneurial training programs in communities nationwide that have been hit hard by layoffs and the recession. Here is the link to the full article with details:

Entrepreneurial spirit is still thriving!

Last night was the first night of a new 10 week session of FastTrac New Venture at the Kauffman Foundation. There are over 60 entrepreneurs partipating in the course to research and develop their business plans! I'm so excited and proud to be one of the Coaches helping them with this process.

With all the doom and gloom of the economic situation, it was great to hear their enthusiasm and excitement about starting their businesses! They talked about opportunities--cheap rent for great locations, used equipment and qualified employees available and more. They were also cautious about the economy, but they weren't letting it deter them from their entrepreneurial dreams.

Small business and entrepreneurs have always had an impact on our economy and creating new jobs. Realizing that the economy isn't detering people from starting their own business was reassuring and comforting!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Grant opportunities for accounting professionals and small businesses

Recognizing that times are tough, I wanted to make people aware of a grant opportunity for accounting professionals. Intuit is offering ten $10,000 Stimulus Grants to accounting pros who want to either start a business or grow an existing one. The grants are part of Intuit’s Power to Get More Done campaign, an initiative created to help accounting professionals succeed in this economic environment. You can find out more about the application process and apply (by April 30) for a grant at

For small businesses, Intuit is also offering over $300,000 in small business grants and free software. See for more info on that program.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

FastTrac New Venture for Entrepreneurs

I really LOVE being part of the FastTrac New Venture program! I help Coach entrepreneurs who are working on their business plans as part of the team at the Kauffman Foundation (internationally known Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The FastTrac NewVenture program at the Kauffman Foundation is a 10 week, hands on course for entrepreneurs. Each week, we have a guest speaker (entrepreneur) for the first hour, large group discussion/exercises for an hour and an hour of small group sessions (plus a half hour networking while we enjoy dinner). There are FastTrac programs offered nationwide (and internationally) by various providers and in various formats. There are several FastTrac programs available including:

  • FastTrac New Venture
  • FastTrac Growth Venture
  • FastTrac Tech Venture
  • First Step FastTrac
  • Other seminars and courses too

Here is some info from the FastTrac website (

FastTrac® for Entrepreneurs
Be the entrepreneur you want to be whether you're starting or growing a business. FastTrac programs will help you live your dream at each stage of business growth. And through your FastTrac experience you'll

  • Develop key business insights and skills
  • Determine your business strategy
  • Be coached by entrepreneurs and experts
  • Tap into entrepreneurial resources
  • Network with other entrepreneurs

Nearly 300,000 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs have already experienced and found success through the proven, practical benefits of FastTrac's award-winning entrepreneur learning programs. Are you ready?


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