Saturday, February 7, 2009

FastTrac New Venture for Entrepreneurs

I really LOVE being part of the FastTrac New Venture program! I help Coach entrepreneurs who are working on their business plans as part of the team at the Kauffman Foundation (internationally known Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The FastTrac NewVenture program at the Kauffman Foundation is a 10 week, hands on course for entrepreneurs. Each week, we have a guest speaker (entrepreneur) for the first hour, large group discussion/exercises for an hour and an hour of small group sessions (plus a half hour networking while we enjoy dinner). There are FastTrac programs offered nationwide (and internationally) by various providers and in various formats. There are several FastTrac programs available including:

  • FastTrac New Venture
  • FastTrac Growth Venture
  • FastTrac Tech Venture
  • First Step FastTrac
  • Other seminars and courses too

Here is some info from the FastTrac website (

FastTrac® for Entrepreneurs
Be the entrepreneur you want to be whether you're starting or growing a business. FastTrac programs will help you live your dream at each stage of business growth. And through your FastTrac experience you'll

  • Develop key business insights and skills
  • Determine your business strategy
  • Be coached by entrepreneurs and experts
  • Tap into entrepreneurial resources
  • Network with other entrepreneurs

Nearly 300,000 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs have already experienced and found success through the proven, practical benefits of FastTrac's award-winning entrepreneur learning programs. Are you ready?

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