Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Using Social Media to Grow Your Business -- Town Hall

Please join me as we launch Long for Success meeting in the Small Business Town Hall on Thursday, June 25 at 9:00 am PT (12:00 pm ET). The topic will be ‘Using Social Media to Grow Your Business’ and my guests will be

· Scott Wilder – Small Business Group at Intuit
· Chris Kim – Senior Marketing Manager with Intuit
· Dante Layton – Owner of Dante Layton, Inc.
· Ruth Perryman – Owner of The QB Specialists

We’ll introduce Social Media (Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin), discuss how to utilize social media for effective marketing, how to use an RSS reader, search for key terms and hear success stories from Dante and Ruth before opening it up for about 30 minutes of Q&A and discussion.

Using a webcam (about $20) you can join in to speak or you can type a question or comment in the chat window if you prefer.

Here are a couple of links to join, but I’ll post again next week as a reminder. Click Under Small Business Experts -- Long for Success

We’ll be having many town halls in the future, so let me know what topics you want to discuss and possible guests to join me!

There is no need to sign up, just type in your screen name to enter the room. When you enter the room, it may ask if you want to allow access to your web cam and/or mic. You can Allow or Deny. If you Allow access, then you can click on 'Request to Speak' and you'll be put in the speaker's que. When you're finished you click on 'Stop Speaking' at the bottom of that window and the it will go to the next person in the que.

If you don't want to speak up or use a web cam, you can type your questions or comments in a chat window on the right side.

Feel free to go into the room whenever & check it out. You can even try out your webcam to see yourself & how it works!

I'm looking forward to it and think it is a great way to have discussions and Q&A with others!!!

Thanks so much!



  1. As my daytime employer would frown on my watching this during work hours, I will not be able to participate. Will there be a replay available?

  2. Yes, it will be recorded and in the Town Hall archive.