Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Customizing the Icon bar in QuickBooks 2009

Although we could customize the icon bar in previous versions of QuickBooks, we can now customize it even more! In QuickBooks 2009, you can delete centers that you aren't using and edit the names from 'Customer Center' to 'Customers.' This allows more room for additional icons that you choose to add. Simply Right Click on the icon bar to customize it.

You can also create an icon for things by clicking on View>Add xx to Icon bar. For example, there isn't an icon available for 'Make General Journal Entry' to add to the icon bar. So, if you bring up the JE screen, and click on View>Add Make General JE to icon bar, you can add it yourself! This works for memorized reports too!

So, customize the icon bar, eliminate unused icons, edit the names, add new ones, and rearrange the icons to meet your needs! You should also Edit>Preferences to turn off features not used and eliminate unneeded icons from the home page (this helps reduce errors).

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